Godiva Awakes – is a world class International Street Arts event in the centre of England - recapturing the spirit of 2012

the most vital theatre experiences occur outside legitimate spaces constructed for the purpose’ and we will avoid recreating traditional theatre environments, but use each space as an inspiration for our work’ (Peter Brooke)

Godiva Awakes is an annual showcase event taking place in the streets and outdoor spaces in Coventry City Centre. The streets, squares, the spaces between buildings and meeting places are our playground.

Godiva Awakes will bring the City to life with extraordinary new outdoor work produced locally, nationally and internationally, combining home produced, commissioned and programmed work

Godiva Awakes will establish a new tradition of Godiva’s Annual Awakening and a re-imagined Godiva procession with the Cyclopedia and other unique cycle based vehicles and machines.

Godiva Awakes will create an animated trail that brings the spirit and the unique identity of the City of Coventry alive each year.

Godiva Awakes will celebrate Coventry as a city of invention, reinvention, and engineering; we will explore its hidden cultural heritage and support its international reputation as a place that stands for peace and reconciliation, social justice and equality.

Godiva Awakes will work with other sectors to develop a wider programme of activity that includes engineering, manufacturing and sports. We will link to other Street Arts initiatives in the West Midlands and to national touring and membership bodies.

Godiva Awakes will sharing and developing work to create a festival that profiles the region, further develops the outdoor arts sector and builds on the legacy of the Cultural Olympiad regionally.

Godiva Awakes will support the arts ecosystem in the city and provide a platform and a focus for independent companies, through the commissioning and development of outdoor work. We will involve participants from priority neighbourhoods, contributing to both city regeneration and community engagement.

Godiva Awakes – join us on our extraordinary journey..