The Book of Intent

During the two and a half years that Godiva Awakes has been in the making 220 young people across the region have worked on a participatory project with Imagineer to explore the themes that arise from the Godiva myth.

They have explored themes of equality, fairness and social justice in their own community and in communities worldwide through theatre, carnival and dance. They have focussed on issues that threaten their future and explored possible solutions. This project has been encapsulated in the Book of Intent, which will be presented by the young people to Godiva on the night she awakes and Godiva will be charged with the task of delivering this book to London and the world.

The book is a symbol of the young people’s commitment to affect change in the world and play an active part in shaping the future and will be extended virtually for people across the world who want to contribute their thoughts, messages and ideas. The ethos underpinning the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid and the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad was that everyone should have chance to be part of it and the Book of Intent is Imagineer’s way of ensuring that young people are part not just of the 2012 experience but develop skills and experience as a new community of leaders who can play a part as active citizens shaping their wider society, becoming tomorrow’s cultural leaders.

The Book Itself

The book is a feat of design and engineering in itself as is the Bookstand that holds it.

The book is 2m by 1.5m and made from brushed aluminium by Premier Sheet Metal, the front cover has the symbol of Godiva, a Hummingbird on the front. The pages are made from PVC sheets, laminated to leave it fairly rigid but so it has enough flexibility to be turned and read. The pages were made by local Coventry company Buy My Print and the designs were created by Andy Moore from Pixeltrix. The words were written by Tan Matthews.

Each page represents one of the communitas groups and the themes of the page have been worked on by the groups for nearly 2 years. 

The Bookstand, in the shape of a Hummingbird has been made by the Birmingham company Anopol, who also made the Coatstand for Godiva's coat.  

Read the book below.



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    The Book of Intent